East Cobb Market Trends- February 2015

The market continues to be tight for single family inventory in the East Cobb area and I am wondering if the real estate "ground hog" has seen his shadow and elected to stay in hiding a bit longer. 

When we look at a 2 year history for 30062, 30067 and 30068, we see a strong trend for Spring 2014.  Since that time, there has been an ever tightening of inventory and one would easily surmise that we have entered into a Sellers market.  The chart below demonstrates the tightening inventory for our area.

The good news is that Seller's are contining to see improvement in list pricing which should bring more of them off the sidelines.  This next chart shows a 2 year average with improvement seen in 30068 and 30062 while 30067 experiencing a slight setback.  


The next 30-60 days will tell alot about how the East Cobb housing market will be for the coming years.  If we are back on historical cycles, we will see more Sellers as we near the end of winter and get closer to the end of the school year.  Check back to see how we are doing as these charts update automatically as new data becomes available.

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