East Cobb Market Trends - November 2017

EastEast Cobb Market Trends Cobb's real estate inventory in 30067, 30068 and 30062 continues to be tight. As of October 31, 2017, there are 487 active listings ranging in price from $7.3mm to $130k. Over the past 90 days, we have seen 387 properties SOLD ranging in price from a high of $2.25mm to a low of $85k. There are currently 66 homes for sale over $1mm. 

When we look at a 2 year history for 30062, 30067 and 30068, we see a strong uptrend since Spring 2017 and we appear to be leveling off but not loosing ground. The chart below shows 30067 and 30068 holding ground while 30062 appears to be in a more typical seasonal cycle. This should bode well for the coming Spring 2018 market in 30067, 30068 with 30062 sure to come back in early 2018.

The chart below appears to indicate a fall back of pricing from the highs seen in the Spring. This could be cyclical or perhaps related to the swirl of daily news stories. In either event, it appears that all three zip code areas are at least holding their own but with a slower appreciation.

From Atlanta Real Estate Brokers, Happy Halloween and Happy Thanksgiving!.  Check back to see how East Cobb is performing as these charts update automatically as new data becomes available.

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