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Buying A Home With Home AutomationIt’s no secret that we live in a technologically advanced world today. From our smartphones to our smart watches, we are all but immersed in the latest technology. That technology doesn’t just stop with us, though; it extends all the way to our houses and your home security providers. What was once thought only possible in the realm of science fiction has now become commonplace. Believe it or not, almost every setting in your home can actually be controlled whether you are at home or away. Initially, this might seem like a scary thought, but you should put your mind at ease.

Your Home Can Be Controlled While You Are Away From Home

Did you forget to turn off the lights? No problem. Did you forget to lower your thermostat? No big deal. Did you leave the front door unlocked? Don’t sweat it. With just the push of a button, those things and more can be controlled in your home while you are away from your home. Sounds crazy, right? Doesn’t this belong in some kind of a science fiction movie, where everything is remotely controlled? Not anymore. Today, your home theater system, security system, lighting, thermostat, locks, and more can all be controlled and accessed remotely by installing a home automation system.

Your Home is Alive

Forget Frankenstein; now your home is alive. Unlike Frankenstein, though, it’s good that your house has a pulse. With the advances in technology, your house might be more aware of what is going on than you are. Here are just a few examples of the blood that could be pumping through your home with a home automation system:   

  • If your smoke alarm is going off, it can cause all of your lights to flash until you acknowledge the alarm.
  • If your security alarm is set and someone enters the house, it can call you as well as alert your home security provider.
  • If you’re watching television and there is an alert in the house, your home automation system can mute the television and show you the alert on the screen.
  • If you don’t feel like getting up, your home automation system can even pull the blinds down and close your curtains.
  • If you don’t want to physically water your lawn, you can just have your home automation system do it – all you have to do is program the spray location and duration.

 The Future Has Arrived

 If you are reminded of the Jetson’s, you are not wrong. Long have we dreamed of the day and age where our homes could be controlled at the push of a button. That day is here.

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