How Do I Lower My Heating Bill?

Let’s face it. At one time or another, most of us adults have asked this question: how do I lower my heating bill? In today’s world, there is one certainty – your utility bills can and will increase in the near future. Don’t let that fact alone scare you, though; there are some steps you can take today to protect yourself against the ever-increasing home energy costs of tomorrow. Following, in no particular order, are just a few proven steps to lower your gas and electricity costs. 

A Few Suggestions 

  • Become an expert at weather-stripping. If your windows do not properly seal and keep out the cold, you can go to your local Wal-Mart or Lowes and purchase some weather-stripping for a relatively low cost. Once you get it home, you will measure it to fit your window(s) and then, using some specialized tape (included with the package) and a blow dryer, you will mold it over the window. Especially with bigger air leaks, this is an effective way to lower your electricity costs.
  • Turn down your thermostat. Lower Your ThermostatThis one is easy. If you (and your family) can stand it being a couple degrees cooler in the house, just turn down the temperature. There’s a good chance that if you turn it down while everyone is sleeping, you just might not notice the temperature drop.  Programables are easy to use.
  • Check your filters regularly. One of the easiest and cost-effective ways to lower your gas and electricity costs is to make sure you routinely check and change the air filters for your furnace. If they get clogged and dirty, your furnace is not going to run very efficiently.  Don't remember the size and don't want to go look?  Make a note in your smart phone or write the sizes on a door frame where only you will see it. 
  • Install a Nest Thermostat. Nest Thermostats are one of the best options out there for controlling your heating and gas costs. For the average person, it only takes approximately 30 minutes to install, and the savings begin from that moment. Nest Thermostats are smart – they learn your heating and cooling preferences and then they remember them. Gone are the days when you have to constantly switch the temperature in your home. With a Nest Thermostat, it will change the temperature for you based on your habits. Once the Nest Thermostat is installed, it spends a week learning your habits so it can effectively cater to your needs. Homes using a Nest Thermostat report energy savings of up to 20 percent. Nest Thermostat are available from their website, at most major home supply stores or from  

It’s Up to You 

We all want to find ways to lower our heating bills. Whatever your situation, there are some cost-effective solutions to lower your gas and electricity costs. The list above offers some simple solutions for every budget. 

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