How To Sell A Home In Atlanta: 10 Steps to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

Spring is just around the corner and many homeowners are starting to think about putting their home on the market.  The vast majority of the Atlanta real estate market is excellent for Sellers right now due to a lack of available inventory.  But don't be mistaken; there are still homes for sale THAT ARE NOT SELLING and the reason is most often either price or condition.  Correctly pricing a home comes with experience while condition is a factor that you have either prepared for over time (routine maintenance) or one that can be addressed in short order. 

Is this what your home looks like?  While this is an obviously extreme situation you have to understand that as real estate professionals, we see it all.  You would not believe the condition of some of the homes we are asked to sell.

Do you think you are ready to sell?  Going to market is not an easy task and just putting up a sign and some flyers may not get you top dollar.  You will need to plan and prepare and ask yourself two basic questions.  The first is “How do I get my house ready to sell? and the second is "Am I really qualified and do I have the tools to effectively market and sell my home?”     

The following "to-do" list may seem simple but they provide a great starting point for you to get your home ready to sell.  You want to strive for clutter free and clean.  Should you have any questions, want to interview one of our associates or just want to talk about the process over the phone, feel free to give us a call at 678-647-7700 or you can send us a note at [email protected] .  

This home is ready to sell

1.  Declutter - A good way to keep your clean is to minimize clutter by putting unused and unnecessary items into storage until the home is sold. Purging, via a yard sale or donations, is a quick way to declutter.

2. Clean - This is stating the obvious. Dust, sweep and mop and then some. Deep clean carpets where smells may lurk. Steam clean furniture that remains in the home even though it may not be for sale. 

3.  Paint - A buyer should be able to visualize themselves in the home. Because paint color is a personal choice, paint walls a neutral color. Keep in mind that colors can exaggerate or hide flaws and enlarge or decrease the appearances of room size.

4.  Squeaks, leaks, and sneaks - There are certain repairs that may be necessary to make prior to putting your Atlanta home up for sale. Check the house for squeaky doors and sounds that may make the house appear to be old. Check for leaks. Leaks from toilets, caving roofs etc. are biggies that should be handled before selling your home. Finally, check for cracks and close them off with some spackle. Not only do cracks make a home look old, but they allow for the entry of unwanted guests. The last thing a buyer wants to see is extra tenants.

5.  Update fixtures - An easy way to make a home look more appealing is to update small fixtures like doorknobs, light fixtures, or faucets. The shine or matte finish on these objects may have dulled. If a simple polishing cannot update the fixture, then a small purchase to replace them may be required.

6.  Depersonalize - A homeowner may be tied to personal items and may feel a bit miffed at the thought of removing anything that says “home,” but the best way to sell a home is to make it so that every buyer feels welcomed and as though they can see themselves living there.

7.  Check out the competition - Many homes are listed on public websites and can be easily viewed. Checking out the competition is a good way to see where your home stands in comparison.

8.  Organize - Organize as much as possible, paying attention to drawers, closets, cabinets, basements and attic spaces where it is easy to hide clutter. If these areas are cluttered, buyers will assume the home does not have enough storage space.

9. Odor Control - Odors suggest uncleanliness. Smokers should have the carpets cleaned and employ deep cleaning experts. Try to refrain from smoking indoors until the house sells. The same rule applies for pets. If Fido is an outdoor dog, refrain from bringing him indoors.

10.  Landscaping  - A couple of potted succulents might do the trick. Cut the lawn. Eliminate obvious pests, including wasp nests and ant hills.  They are not only unsightly but potentially dangerous.

Many brokers and agents have become extremely adept in staging homes as it is their job to help homeowners sell.  However there are times when you might want to consider hiring a professional to help you "redesign" your home.  For as little as $200.00 (and sometimes less) a professional designer can come in and give you relevant advice on what to do to get your home ready for sale.  In addition to design work, you may need help with fixing a few things to make the home shine.  Atlanta Real Estate Brokers offer residential contracting services that can help homeowners prepare their homes for sale in Atlanta.  For more information on Atlanta Real Estate Brokers and the services we offer, please visit us at

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