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School ChildrenBuying a home in a good school district is a top consideration for many home shoppers.  The choice of purchasing a home in a quality school district is important whether the Buyer has children or not.  Homes that are served by quality schools not only provide quality education if the owner does have children but there is a strong case to be  made that the homes resale value will be impacted by the local schools performance in the future.

Finding that perfect blend of the right house at the right price in the right school district takes patience.  If finding the right school is your top priority, you should plan on doing your homework.  Our website is a good place to start!  You will find listings of homes in the various school districts and also links to many of the schools websites.  Once you have a feel for the homes and school based on your online research, it's time to get out there and see some homes and plan a visit to the school.  If you are ready to make a move, send us a note with our Contact Us Now form and we will be in touch.

Below, you will find top performing schools in the areas we serve.  Should you have a more specific search for homes in a particular school district, you can use our Advanced Search tool to find those listings.  (Hint:  there is a specific drop down for schools)

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Homes for sale in metro Atlanta by school district. To search for schools you do not see listed here, please go to our Advanced Search tool.