Looking To Sell Your Atlanta Area Home Fast?

Our "Cash Out" Program May Be For You!

Cash Offer From Atlanta Real Estate

How does this program work?

Simply fill out the form telling us about the house you want to sell. My team will determine a cash offer for your property from either our company or from one of our investor clients. Either I, or a member of my team, will call you with an offer including full details.

What kind of offer can I expect?

It depends on the property including such factors as condition and location. The offer will be below market rates but in return for accepting a discounted price, we can generally close quickly with no costs to you, the Seller (except normal transfer taxes and prorations). Basically, we strive to make property owners a fair offer taking into consideration what we will need to do to the property to be able to make a reasonable return on our investment after upgrades and/or repairs. You will typically find we can pay more for homes since we are not paying commissions but every case is different.

Do You Charge A Commission Or Fee?

We do not charge a commissions or a fee to the Seller. This service is for potential Sellers who do not want to go through the hassle of fixing up and listing their home or for whatever reason, need to sell their property quickly and are willing to take less than market value. Atlanta Real Estate Brokers buys some homes and we work with a number of clients who are looking for investment properties and can make quick decisions. Please take a moment and share information on the property in the form below. If you prefer to just call, you can reach our Broker, Pat Rary, @ 678-647-7700.

Yes, I Would Consider A Lower Price For A Cash Offer!

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